Most of the Internet Marketers feel nervous or become confused when going to create an effective SEO and marketing strategy plan.  A little strategic mistake from starting can be effect badly in future on the online business. Before creating the SEO and marketing strategy plan we need to survey the targeted market carefully and obviously analysis our competitor who are existing in present internet market and lead their online business successfully. And we call this process is Competitive Marketing Analysis. Competitive Marketing Analysis is an important part of website SEO Audit Report.

Competitive analysis in marketing and strategic administration is an evaluation of the qualities and weaknesses of present and potential contenders. This analysis furnishes both an unpleasant and preventive strategic setting to distinguish chances and threats. Profiling mixes the sum of the important origins of contender analysis into one structure in the backing of powerful and viable procedure definition, execution, overseeing and alteration.

Competitive Marketing Analysis is a fundamental segment of corporate system. For internet marketing or getting best result in search engine ranking we need to analysis our competitor and take the idea about our market value. When we see the comparison, we will be able to identify our performance and visualize where we stand in terms of SEO.

For creating or doing Effective Competitive Marketing Analysis we can consider some of the following metrics:

  1. Alexa Ranking Analysis: Analysis Rankings and performance according to Alexa for our internet business website as well as our competitor’s websites. From Alexa we can analysis and then compare Alexa rank, per month traffic stats, search analytics, audience, related links and indexed link in Alexa.
  2. Traffic Analysis: Analysis per month traffic stats performance according to various software or online application for our internet business website as well as our competitor’s websites.
  3. Keywords Ranking Analysis: Analysis our and competitors’ search engine ranking for targeted keywords and will must create an effective SEO and marketing strategy plan that we can get best search engine rank than our competitors.
  4. Inbound links or Backlinks: Analysis and collect ours and competitors’ inbound links or backlinks in search engine. We can use various link spy software for that. For collect indexed dofollow backlinks in Google we can search in Google with “”. We can also use our competitors’ inbound links place to submit our link and it will be save more time to collect directory, article or blog site to submit our link.
  5. Social Media Activities Analysis: Analysis social media activities like, twitter activities, facebook page like and post activities and others social media activities. Social media activities are simple way for going close to visitors.

Competitive Marketing Analysis report will give us the current position of our internet business website. We can add more analysis metrics for create our analysis report if we wish. It will be help us to improve our SEO and Internet Marketing strategy Plan.

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