SEO Audit Services

We offer various SEO audit services reports on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) including some crucial report that helps you to take important decision on SEO for your site.

SEO Audit Services

Competitive Marketing Analysis

We’ll provide SEO audit services reports on SEO performance of your competitors and alongside a comparison to your performance as well. When you see the comparison, you will be able to identify your performance and visualize where you stand in terms of SEO.

Some of the metrics you will get are in SEO Audit Services Report:

  1. Rankings and performance according to Alexa for your site as well as competitors
  2. Performance according to for your site as well as competitors
  3. Performance according to Double Click (Google) for your site as well as competitors
  4. Yours and competitors’ inbound links in search engine
  5. Social media performance comparison metrics
  6. Competitive traffic analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis

Based on your site’s performance, prospects, and competitors we will provide keyword suggestions for SEO audit services, so that you can make decision on targeting and planning your keywords. The types of reports you will get are:

Site Based Keyword Research: Based on your site’s content and external contextual links, we’ll research on all important keywords. We will also base it on historical performance of your various keywords from the Web Analytics app you use.

Competitors Keyword Research: We’ll conduct research on keywords used by your direct competitors for organic keywords rankings. We will not limit it to only homepage based analysis. We’ll also conduct research on various internal pages as well. And also collect various keyword suggestions by Google.

Keyword Prioritization and Tiering: The above two SEO Audit will provide you with scattered list of keywords. In this stage, we’ll try to identify the best Organic Keywords in terms of priority. The reports will contain various keyword metrics like:

  1. Global monthly search volume,
  2. Local monthly search volume,
  3. PPC competition index,
  4. Average CPC,
  5. Organic Competition,
  6. Modified Keyword Effectiveness Index (Allintitle competition),
  7. Custom Keyword Importance Index,
  8. Keyword Prioritization Rankings, etc.

Site Performance and Benchmarking Reports

When you want to evaluate your SEO performance and see the before and after situation, you must have an initial report prepared, so that you can compare future reports based on that. We’ll provide various reports like:

  1. Keyword Ranking Report, including your competitors
  2. Inbound Links Report, including your competitors
  3. Web Analytics based Report
  4. Alexa Performance Report
  5. PPC Performance Report
  6. Social Media Performance Report

Insite Links, Navigation, and Content Structure Reports

Broken Link Analysis
We’ll analyze both internal broken links as well as links in inbound links to your site that points to a broken link on your site.

  1. Internal Links: We’ll analyze the current site’s links and find broken links that needs to be fixed.
  2. Inbound Links:  We’ll analyze your inbound links and check whether they land on any broken, hidden or temporarily redirected link on your site.

Old Link Analysis
Based on, we’ll try to find old links on your site that does not exist or currently redirects to irrelevant page, but have significant link juice passing from other sites. We’ll also provide recommendations based on our finding for either link juice passing or link aging.

Content Structure Planning Based on the prioritized Keywords, we’ll decide on the content and navigation structure of the site, that will include:

  1. Prioritized Keyword Distribution Plan
  2. Site Content Navigation Plan
  3. Content Sitemap

Permalinks or SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL Analysis
We’ll analyze your site permalinks structure and suggest the best permalinks plan that is highly search engine friendly.

Onpage (Page-specific) SEO Planning and SEO Audit Services

Keyword Meta Mapping
Based on the prioritized keywords and content navigation plan, we’ll assign best possible keywords for the site that can make your site perform better in search engines. We’ll collect all prioritized keywords and then map them against individual pages. The hours for this task are based on the number of important pages you want to be mapped.

Meta Data Development
After mapping the keywords, we’ll develop Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords for all pages using the best SEO Practice Guidelines. The hours for this task are based on the number of important pages you want to get Metadata for.

Boilerplate (Template-based) Onpage SEO Recommendation
We’ll analyze your sites various empty template and assess whether it is search engine friendly enough, so that when you update your contents and/or plan your meta data in a proper way, the site is automatically becomes search engine friendly.

Content to Keyword Compliance Report
Based on the keyword plans (metadata mapping) and the developed keyword metadata, we’ll try to identify whether the content in the page is harmonious. The hours for this task will depend on the number of important pages that you want SEO copywriting done on. It’ll contain:

  1. Keyword density of desired keyword(s)
  2. Densed keywords of existing keyword(s)
  3. Keyword placement plan for desired keyword(s)
  4. Keyword highlighting plan for desired keyword(s)

Image Optimization
SEO audit is also dependent on image alt and description of the images, which increases ranks as well as visibility in image search. We will provide detail recommendations on fixing the problems on the site as well as guideline to comply with the best practices.

Content Analysis and Audit Services

Longtail Keyword and Blog Topic Research and Recommendations

Long tail keywords are a type of keyword phrase that has at least three and some times as many as five words in the phrase and used when the searcher is looking for something rather specific. These longtail keywords can be use as article’s sub topics. We will provide long tail keywords suggestion on:

  • Geo-Specific Keywords: We’ll provide Geo-specific keywords that contain New York, New York City, NYC, NY, Manhattan, etc. (e.g. SEO Audit Services Bangladesh)
  • Related Non-Core Keywords: Sometimes for article marketing, you also need to write about related keywords. We’ll provide long tail keywords based on various keywords that are really not directly related to your core-keywords (e.g. Website Audit Report)
  • Pre-tail Keywords: The keywords that are searched by people using additional keywords before the major keyword (e.g. “Effective SEO Audit Services Bangladesh” has additional word “Effective” before the major keyword “SEO Audit Services Bangladesh”)
  • Post-tail Keywords: The keywords that are searched by people using additional keywords after the major keywords (e.g. “SEO Audit Services Bangladesh profile” has additional word “Profile” after the major keyword “SEO Audit Services Bangladesh”)

Duplicate Content Analysis and Recommendations

Duplicate contents can be Internal and External. Internal being same content within the site and external being contents copied from other sites (usually plagiarized). We’ll provide analysis for both types of duplicate contents:

  • Internal Duplicate Contents: Based on the sitemap and the results from Google with duplicate content filter, we will show you contents that Google thinks that are possible duplicates within your website.
  • External Duplicate Contents: With the help of Copyscape and other Plagiarism Checking sites, we will find Duplicate Contents that are used on your site from others sites. This task might depend on the number of pages on the site.


Content Quality Optimization

Spelling and Grammar Check
We’ll provide detailed SEO audit report on improving spelling and grammar. However, this task might depend on the number of pages on the site.

Link:Content Ratio
We’ll provide recommendations for ensuring proper balance of link:content inner contents/articles and non-boilerplate codes.

W3C Validated and Clean Codes
We’ll provide recommendations for ensuring W3C clean code for articles, i.e. non-boilerplate codes.

Unique Contents Update
We’ll provide recommendations from updating and blogging unique contents for site as well as for article promotion and link building.

Removing Top-heavy Ads
Recommendations about using ads on pages.

Page Freshness Optimization
Recommendations on keeping page fresh to Google.

Keyword Density Optimization
SEO audit report on Keyword Density and Keywords Compliance page by page. This task might depend on the number of pages on the site.

Inbound Link Quality
Recommendations on anchor texts as well as contents on the Inbound Links.

Offpage SEO Plan

Link Building Recommendations
Recommendations and link building strategies and list of sites that can be used for Link Building.

Article Marketing Recommendations
Strategies and recommendations to get many contextual links for your site.

Paid Link Building Plan
List of potential paid link building site, link prospects, budget analysis, organic partners, etc.

Social Signal Plan
Recommendations on making your site popular in Social Media and getting some love from Google.

PPC Audit Services

PPC Keyword Research
Research keywords for PPC campaign. Rate and demand of all keywords are not same so need to research carefully for pay keywords.

PPC Planning
Ad group planning, placement planning, audience planning, geographic target planning

Social Media Audit Services

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Recommendations
As optimize site for various social media need to setup social media button and optimize like Facebook like button, Google+ button, Twitter button etc.

Social Media Marketing Recommendations
Marketing your site in various social media site like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Developer Audit Services

  1. Site Speed Optimization Report: Site speed optimization is important for a quality and SEO friendly site. We will provide you the report for optimize your site speed.
  2. Bounce Rate Optimization Report
  3. HTML 5 Template Optimization report
  4. WordPress  Plugin and optimization Recommendations
  5. UX and Usability Recommendations
  6. W3C Validation Report and Recommendations
  7. Blog Optimization Report and Recommendations

Our SEO Audit Services Report will give you a details SEO idea of your existing site and you can take a quick decision about where your site need to update.